of CST Dalhousie

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21. Rigzin Choedon Radio free Asia USA staff
22. Tsewang Ngodup Radio free Asia USA staff
23. Norbu Tsering TCV Ladakh Headmaster
24. T. Phuntsok Ashang 22 Vikas Major
25. Tashi Dhondup 22 Vikas Major
26. Karma Thinlay Upper TCV,Dharamsala Cantt TCV Outsider assistant
27. Yeshi Choedon C/o Desaung La,Private Office Dharamsala -
28. Pasang Wangdu TCV Gopalpur Director
29. Tsewang Dolma Home Deptt. C.T.A Gangkyi,Dharamsala Deputy Secretary
30. Choenor Samdup 22 Vikas Major
31. Nyima Yangkyi TCV Dharamsala M.T
32. Penpa Gangkyi Day School Teacher
33. Norbu Tsering C.S.T Mundgod Rector
34. Lodroe Upper TCV, Dharamsala Cantt. TCV Outsider assistant
35. Tsering Topgyal Home Deptt,CTA Gangkyi, Dharmsala Deputy Secretary
36. Karma Namgyal CST Mussoorie Rector
37. A Lhakpa LUGSAM,Tibetan Settlement, Office Bylakuppe Representative
38. Pema Dorjee Settlement Office, Bylakuppe Representative
39. Ngodup Dorjee Deptt. of Education,CTA Gangkyi Additional Secretary
40. Tashi Tsering Ame Machen Institute Itishoiau

The Ex-Students of this School are welcome to join the alumni.This list is provided by rector office ofcstdalhousie. For any query The Contact mail is ::

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