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1. Thupten Lungrig Kashag CTS Gangchen Kyisong MP Dharamsala
2. Tsering Gurmey Agriculture/Horticulture Deptt.Dirang (A.P) Minister
3. Dongchung  Ngodup Security Deptt. CTA Gangchen Khishong Dharamsala Secretary
4. Ngawang Tsultim Tibetan Parliament Secrariate, CST Ganchen Kyishong Secretary
5. Tsering Youdon ICT, Luxamburg  
6. Dolkar Lhamo Darjeeling Member, ATPD. (M.P)
7. Lobsang Shastri Library of Tibetan works and Archives Dharamsala Ex-MP
8. Sonam Tsering England M.P
9. Bhugyal Tibetan Office, Switzerland Staff
10. Ngawang Rabgye USRR Representative
11. Tsewang Phuntsok South America Coordinator
12. Tenzin Phuntsok Tibet Office , Australia Representative
13. Tsering Dolkar Zima Upper TCV Primary School, Dharamsala Cantt. Head master
14. Sangye Khando Upper TCV Infant School Teacher
15. Geagkyi Lhamo Upper TCV Infant School Teacher
16. Chimi Rigzin Private office H.H Dalai Lama Theakchen Chockling Joint Secretary Dharamsala
17. Ven. Lhakdor lo Tibetan Dialectic School Dharamsala Director
18. Ven. Gyatso Tibetan Dialectic School Dharamsala Lecturer
19. Tsering Migmar Voice of America, Dharamsala News Reporter
20. Namgyal Shastri Voice of America, USA staff

The Ex-Students of this School are welcome to join the alumni.This list is provided by rector office ofcstdalhousie. For any query The Contact mail is ::

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